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All our partners have to obey the rules, this will help to keep off trouble. Rules are really simple and obeying them is not only simple but also useful for your profit.

CP, Lolitas, Rape, Zoo, Incest are forbidden in any way (content, descriptions, etc.). Otherwise there can be people who will write a denunciation of you. Our purpose is profit and not denunciations, right?
No spam!
No cheating! Without any comments. This means put under the danger all your profit.
You can use our banners and free content only for the advertisements of our site.
You can send traffic only by that URL that is mentioned in your stats-section in ”links”, otherwise there can be zeroes in statistics. We’re all people and can make mistakes.
We don’t like any sly scripts like delay-consoles, exploits, etc. This destroys the confidence not only to our site, but to yours as well.
No Hotlink!
You may not make redirections of the traffic directly from TGP to our site - this is completely inefficacious!
Do not swindle the surfers! Don’t promise them things they can not find in our member area, we do not want to get any things like refunds, do we?
We can add and change these rules at any time with a notification via e-mail. Nevertheless we recommend to peep in this section sometimes.

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