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Frequently asked questions

Q: What billings are usually used?

Q: What percentage do you pay?
50% from every sign and rebill. When you make 15 signs in certain period we raise your share up to 55%. If you do 30 signs in a period your share grows up to 60%.

Q: Do you pay for invited webmasters?
Yes. We pay you 5% from the sum the webmaster earned if he came to us with your ID.

Q: Do you offer banners and other commercial materials?
Of course. And we always do something new. Besides when you have the right site and you want to make the maximum profit we can make essential banners, FHGs and HPAs specially for you considering promotional materials and the conception you use.

Q: Can you give free-content for your site's commercials?
Yes, we can. More, upon demand our webmasters can get exclusive content. There are certain terms of the use of exclusive content - quality and quantity, but that doesn't bother the sales, it only makes them a lot bigger!

Q: When do I get my money?
We make payments 1st and 16th of each month with the hold of 15 days. For example, on the September 1st we send you the money for the period of 1-15th of August. We pay via Paxum or Webmoney (minimum $100).

Q: I haven't got a wire from you!
Please, make sure that your wire was sent to you, minimum sum we send - $400. When the sum is greater than minimum, but no wire was received, turn to support service -, and describe the situation in detail.

Q: I've lost a password for stats!
You should use a form so the script can send a password to your e-mail address. If, for any reason, the password doesn't come, write to the support at

Q: I do have other questions!
Turn to support at any time -

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